1950 Various Signs Metal & Plastic For Sale

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1950 Various Signs Metal & Plastic Details

Here is most of our sign inventory. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or for more detailed photos of any signs you may be interested in.
1. Blue plastic CITGO letters, good condition. 24″inches high. 150.00$

2. White plastic GULF letters, missing the L but includes a metal L that is blue and slightly smaller. 28″inches high. 100.00$

3. Large metal Gulf sign. Round. Good condition. 78″inches wide and 73″inches high. 1 AVAILABLE. 750.00$

4. Green BP letters. illuminated. Very good condition. 26″ inches high. SOLD

5. Metal “Mobil 1 Sold Here”. 36″ inches high by 24″inch’s. Good condition. 75.00$

6. Awesome white/blue Cruisemaster sign. 30″inches tall by 72″inches wide. SOLD

7. Plastic “Authorized Lubricant Marketer” sign. 24″ inches by 47″ inches wide. 350.00$

8. Plastic Exxon sign. 27″inches tall by 50″inches wide. SOLD

9. Plastic round Gulf sign. 32″ to 34″ inches in diameter. SOLD

10. Large Plastic round Gulf sign. 51″to 53″ inches in diameter. 500.00$

11. Small Metal Gulf sign, display tire cover. Round, 16″ inches diameter. SOLD

12. Plastic round Gulf sign. illuminated. 32″ to 34″inches diameter. Great condition 500.00$

13. Metal “Mobil 1 oil For Sale Here” sign. 43″ by 49″inches tall. SOLD

14. Metal Quaker State sign. 36″ by 94″inches wide. SOLD

15. Metal Kendall Oil sign. 36″ by 72″inches wide. SOLD

16. Large plastic BP sign. 96″ by 96″inch’s. 2 AVAILABLE. 250.00$

17. Metal “Quality Automotive Service”. 34″ inches tall by 27″inches wide. 35.00$

18. Plastic Citgo sign. illuminated. 36″ by 36″inches. Great condition. 500.00$

19. Large plastic Citgo sign. 60″ by 60″inches. SOLD

20. Small plastic Citgo sign. 36″ by 36″inches. SOLD

Please call if you have any questions.