Virtual Classic Car Repair Consulting

Classic Car Repair Consulting

Sakowski Motors can virtually through phone, video conferencing, pictures, texts, and more…  help you with your classic car in many ways.  A few listed here.  We do this for people all over the United States, Australia, UK, and more.  If you need an classic car or motorcycle specialist with 30 years experience doing mechanical, sales, buying and selling, locating vehicles, body work, painting, and more…. we can help you virtually from your own garage.  You prepay and buy time, and then are charged per minute for all help. 

I love helping people save thousands of dollars and avoid headaches.  I can’t save you time and thousands of dollars for free, but I would love to help if you allow me to.

People say, I will organize the work to be done myself.  Well it took me the first 10 years of having done this full time with my own shop and working with other shops to get good at it.  Saving myself tons of money, headache, and time on each job.  Or with each shop I was working with.  Now I have 30 years experience.  I help you avoid so many of the pitfalls, so you don’t also have to learn the costly hard way like I did and everyone else does. 

We can also recommend and work with you with local shops in your area of the country or world as your service writer to find the best shop for you, and work with them so you get the best outcome.  We are you unbiased advisors and advocates, and friends through the process.  This helps avoid the major and expensive common pitfalls that people experience.

We help your classic experience be the dream you hoped for, not a disaster.

Virtually help you do small repairs in your own garage or driveway.

Diagnose issues virtually at your home, then we can help you fix them.  Or recommend or work with a shop in your area to fix them.  We even have mobile mechanics that can come to your house if that makes sense for everyone. 

Arrange for one of our mobile mechanics we work with worldwide in your area come work on your classic under our direct virtual video supervision.

Answer any question you have, we love to help.  We are unbiased and have your best interests in mind.

Help you decide what parts and upgrades are best for your vehicle.

Answer technical questions.

Whatever you would like to talk about or have questions concerning classic cars or motorcycles, we can help.

See our vehicle finding service and buying and selling consulting services also.