Classic Car Shipping

CLASSIC CAR SHIPPING : We can have decades of experience helping to ship classic cars all over the USA, and all over the world.  The cheapest shipping choice is often not the best as shipping classic cars is a specialty service that takes experience and care to help ensure it is not a nightmare.  We can ship classic cars from California and all over the USA to anywhere in the USA or world.  We ship classic cars to the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, and more.  Is your car extra low, air bags, doesn’t run, need special driving and starting instructions and care?  We have the right shipping partner who can ship your classic car no problem. If your classic car that needs shipping is a daily driver and all works correctly and you need an open carrier for a decent price, we can do that.  If your classic car is a show car with a $50,000 paint job valued at $250,000, we have the right enclosed specialty one off carrier for that also.   Not in a rush, or need it next week?  We can do that.  Normally the faster you want it the more it will cost, but we can do that.  Do you need to get the car antifreeze levels checked before shipping so the engine block does not freeze and crack? This happens depending on time of year and where the vehicle is going, and the route it is going on.  You might think since the vehicle is going from Southern California to Florida it would not be transported through Chicago in the winter? These things we help prevent. The shipping company takes your money and says it will be picked up soon and delivered soon… but it has been on the road for weeks sitting in some unsecured lot outside in a bad part of town halfway to its destination for a week in the rain waiting for a truck that is broken down somewhere so that a few buck can be saved; without your knowledge.  Your classic car arrives with a blown head gasket or cracked block because the online cheapest deal you chose with no knowledge of who is really transporting it because the transporter took your car off the truck to move it and left it idling for an hour like they do with late model cars, but your classic overheated of course doing that and damaged it. Not knowing the record, reputation, or rating of your transporter these things happen all the time, but we help prevent this.  We have seen it all over the years.  There are tons of details and pitfalls to avoid when shipping a classic car, to ensure the transport is successful and that the vehicle arrives in the same shape it was picked up in.  . We have fixed classic cars for decades in our shop that were not transported correctly by others that did not use our services, so we know what to look for and how to prevent these issues.