Motorcycle Repair

Sakowski Motors Motorcycle Repair

Oil change, electrical work, to an engine overhaul on your motorcycle.  We can keep your classic motorcycle or late model motorcycle maintained so that it is always reliable and fun for you to ride. Late model and classic Harleys, superbikes, Vespas, and more.  There is not much we have not worked on over the last 30 years. 

See our shop history to see what we have done and worked on over the years.  And the shop tour to see some pics of what we have done.  And the classic cars for sale and motorcycles for sale page to see some motorcycles we have worked on over the years to prepare them for sale. Have questions about your motorcycle and want some virtual vido consulting from your home, we can do that. 

We do different levels of inspections as preventative maintenance that will save you break downs, frustrations, tow bills, lost weekend cruises, and possible crashes. 

Our specialty is making your classic motorcycle be reliable and driveable.  How your dream was for your classic motorcycle experience.  We have rented our Ride Free rental motorcycle fleet on our Ride Free Guided Motorcycle Tours Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66 and all over the USA and California without minimum issues for an example of what we have done and can do.  We can get your classic or late model motorcycle  in that kind of reliable shape.  

Performance, reliability, add ons, suspension, cosmetic, and more. 

Build the motorcycle of your dreams.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

Will it cost you more money to repair, modify, or build the motorcycle of your dreams than to just buy one mostly done?  We can advise you on this.  Then we can find the motorcycle of your dreams that is already done, or almost how you want it done.  And modify it to be your dream.  This is often much faster and will cost much less money than building you a motorcycle from scratch. We can even sell your old motorcycle for you. 

Original spec restoration, to restore your motorcycle.  We can track down and only use original used parts or new old stock parts if that is what you want. 

Frame/suspension/drivetrain swaps and fabrication. Wiring/electronics. Any add on you want, we can do it. 

Motorcycle detailing.  We show extreme care and understanding of classic motorcycles and customs that regular details shops don’t understand.   We understand how careful you need to be around and vintage or custom motorcycles. We understand for example how careful you have to be with original paint, original patina, and more. 

long or short term
motorcycle, classic trailer, classic/custom car
inside well ventilated, safe, secure, dry warehouse
maintenance routines available
pick up and delivery of vehicle available