2012 Red Harley Davidson Road King FLHR For Sale

2012 Red Harley Davidson Road King FLHR Details

1HD1FBM39CB615141Hard locking side bags, cruise control, 103 motor, 6 speed transmission, tall touring windshield, metallic paint, FLHR.Red 2012 Harley Davidson Road King, fully serviced and ready to go. You can see the bike below. Full service history, all stock, and never been laid down. All the lights and blinkers work perfectly. The paint and chrome is in great shape, well taken care of and not faded at all, only with some small blemishes common with the number of miles on the bike.The bike drives as it should and the motors sound great, at idle or higher revs. Starting them shows no smoke and no odd noises. All the electronics turn on as they should and the gauges work correctly.When you decide to start riding you’ll notice the clutch still feels great with a lot of life left in it, and it goes right into gear. Once cruising the bike goes perfectly through all its gears, never any hesitation. When you are at highway speeds you will notice the bike is very smooth and stable, heading into sweeping turns you will feel confident knowing the bike can handle any roads you drive on. The suspension absorbs the bumps as it was intended to, with this model in particular being extremely comfortable. The brakes have plenty of life left and have good stopping power to make you feel in control at any speed.This is a really exceptional bike and looks absolutely amazing. The Road King is one of Harley Davidson’s most popular touring models. This Road King is painted metallic Candy Red from the factory that really shines in the sun. This is a great ride for the long haul with a tall windshield and cruise control to keep you comfortable on any road trip. The brackets and luggage rack do not come with the bike. The kick stand is perfect, and the running boards are in good shape.Let me pick apart this bike with any imperfections I can find. There are some miniscule scratches on the back of the hard bags, but are barely noticeable. There are removable plastic guards on the top of the hard bags, and these are scuffed, but the paint underneath is not. The plastic is replaceable to protect these hard bags. That is it, this bike is very clean as you can see.All common wear and maintenance items have been inspected and the bike is up to date. No puddles or drops of oil are found under the bikes and all the fluids look and smell fresh. This bike has been given regular maintenance and is very solid. This bike also comes with solid hard locking side bags. Having the hard locking cases ensures an extra step of security for the luggage you carry. Having that extra space really provides you with many new options and allows you to go to many new places and to stay on the road longer. New California registration is paid and the bike is registered through 2014.

2012 Red Harley Davidson Road King FLHR Pictures

These hard bags have removable plastic guards on the top that peel on/off, the scuffs on the plastic are NOT on the paint.