2009 Land Speed Bonneville Race Bike Triumph KX500 A/PG For Sale

2009 Land Speed Bonneville Race Bike Triumph KX500 A/PG Details

This Land Speed motorcycle was custom built by renowned Bonneville racer Ronnie Scroggins in 2009 for the Bonnefied Land Speed Racing team. The bike is based on a Triumph hard tail frame from British Cycle Supply in Nova Scotia. The bike currently has a 1994 Kawasaki 500cc Two Stroke with which it holds one AMA record at Bonneville in 2011. While running with a Westlake 500cc engine, it holds three Southern California Timing Association records at El Mirage for the 2009 season. The KX500 motor has been modified with extensive port work and runs a high compression piston.It has a spool front wheel with no front brake and a rear drum brake to slow things down in a controllable manner after a 105mph + run! Tires are nearly new with siping cut into the rear tire to aid in traction on the lake bead. A custom built chain saw bump starter is included with the bike to aid in starting as it is difficult to kick over with such high compression. This bike is a solid starting point to live out your own land speed racing dreams! Ronnie says he is letting it go to focus his attention elsewhere in the shop and is leaving it to you to race and develop the bike to it’s full potential!