1977 Plymouth Grand Fury Sport Suburban Wagon For Sale

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1977 Plymouth Grand Fury Sport Suburban Wagon Details

The Ultimate Family Wagon. 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury Sport Suburban with 99,000 original miles. It came from NY to NC in the mid-90s with 76,000 miles on it so it’s only been driven about 20,000 in the last 15 years. It’s got a 6.6L 400ci gasoline engine in great condition. Ice cold A/C, power everything. Top of the line Plymouth Wagon for one of the last years of these big cruisers with the 400 or 440s. Definitely a stand out beach cruiser with the wood paneling…I’ve started to put bumper stickers like The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Kennedy ’80, etc which come with the truck. Great for good ole American Saturday nights to the drive-in, pizza, and ice cream with the kids. Or for just making out by the beach. Lots of room in the back for camping. Tailgate swings downward or sideways. The paint job is original and in pretty good shape, I’ve kept it in the garage as well after a few wash/waxes, it’s a head-turner on the street and at car shows…..driving this around town is fun, everyone stares and smiles when you see this family truckster…The interior looks like it sat in a garage for 30 years and no one has touched it. It’s a cool vinyl/cloth combo with a belt buckle type trim. Unbelievable. Tires are good, probably 90% left. Custom spotlights right out of a 70s cop movie. 8 track is temperamental so I will throw in my 50 8 track collection. She seems to like to play Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, but doesn’t like Barry Manilow or John Denver. We have it at Sakowski Motors on Castle Hayne road if you want to take a look. We only deal with high-quality classic cars, hot rod, and customs to let us know if we can help find your dream car.