1967 Pontiac GTO 400ci For Sale

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1967 Pontiac GTO 400ci Details

This is a REAL 1967 Pontiac GTO that has the original 400ci and 3-speed automatic transmission. It has 103k miles on the odometer. This real GTO has some great documentation, like the original Owner Protection Plan with the Protect-O-Plate. It also has PHS documentation, along with other things. It is a true survivor car that has been professionally repainted several years ago, so it is a good solid car and paint job. Not a just done paint job where you don’t realize it is full of Bondo until 6 months after you bought it.

I can’t stress enough that is a solid nice car. It has ALWAYS been a nice car. Cars like this are very hard to find, not your normal fresh restored patched up car, but a true survivor.

This is the real deal. If you are looking at GTO’s without documentation, they probably are not real like this one. Even though the owner thinks they are.

This car is numbers matching. If you are looking at a GTO that does not have the correct engine and trans, it is not even in the same ballpark. Especially if it does not have documentation and is not numbers matching

This car has the original 400ci 4-bbl engine with 335hp mated to the original Turbo Hydra-Matic 3-speed automatic. It comes with the factory Hurst His-n-Hers shifter. It has the factory Wonder Touch power brakes. It also has the Wonder Touch power steering option. Everything under the hood has been replaced back to original. The stamp on the front of the block is 468456 YS which indicates that it is a 400 ci with 335hp and an auto trans. The casting number on the back of the block is 9786133 which is correct for the 1967 year. The cast date is also C037, which states that the block was cast on March 03, 1967. The arrow points towards the D, which means it was built on day shift, and the 8 at the bottom represents line 8. Pontiac didn’t begin stamping the serial number from the VIN on the blocks until late 67, and this car was built in March, so it was before that. The transmission still has the original tag on the side that reads PX-67-9551 which means that it was for a 400ci High Output/Ram air car, and it was built in 1967, and the transmission serial number is 9551. This is a very rare transmission. The original transmission pan is still on the car and in good shape, which is rare for these cars. The intake casting number is 9786286. The rear differential casting number is 9783393, and the date code is C067. The casting number on the exhaust manifolds is 9779032-4 and they also have 670 cast into them, which represents early 67 model GTO’s. This car decodes to be a completely original car with everything correct.

The car has an all-metal body with very little work done. The paint is the original Cameo Ivory color. It has been professionally repainted in the past and has a couple of chips that have been touched up. All of the body panels are straight, with no dents, and line up properly. All of the doors open and close properly as well. The car has a black vinyl top, just like it came from the factory. All of the glass on the car is the original glass and is in great shape. All of the chrome trim on the car is in great shape except for one small piece on the back of the vinyl top, but we are in the process of finding that and replacing it. It has the original 14″ wheels with the custom wheel discs and also has 225/75-14 Red-Line tires. The outside of this car looks just like it came from the factory.

The interior is all original except for the replacement carpet. The car has the original black vinyl bucket seats. The car also has the center console option, which not many cars had. The original wood grain dash and trim are still in the car and in good shape. All of the original gauges are present as well and are in good shape. All of the chrome on the inside of the car appears to be original and is still very nice. The carpet in the car has been replaced with a reproduction carpet. The door panels and headliner are all original with the stitching in the seams. It still has the original Pontiac steering wheel that is in great shape. All of the windows and door handles are in great shape and the windows roll up and down easily. This car looks great on the inside.

This is a very nice car for anyone who wants a real GTO. We have the original Protect-O-Plate, PHS documentation, and copies of titles all the way back to the original Statement of Origin. It was originally an NC car and always has been its whole life. We also have a copy of the original track sheet from Pontiac. We also have a reproduction window sticker for the car. This is a very well documented car that is in great shape. It starts up easily and runs great. It drives straight down the road and stops easily. The power steering option makes this car handle like a dream. It is a very powerful and original car with lots of history, what more could you want?