1966 Ford Mustang Convertible For Sale

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1966 Ford Mustang Convertible Details



We used this car for our classic car tours Ride Free Classic Car and Motorcycle Tours. I bought it and outfitted it for use for our classic car tours going 3,000 miles from Chicago to LA on Route 66, Seattle to Los Angeles, LA to San Francisco, etc… Some of the work had already been done, but we have done lots of work since we have had it. We since have decided to stop offering the classic tours, so I am selling the car. If not there is no way I would sell this car after all the work we have done to it to make it such a reliable cruiser.

2 Things About This Car that Sets It Apart
1- It has been used for cross country tours, how many other cars are you looking at have been and are maintained and ready to drive from Chicago to LA to San Fran and back? Right Now? This is nothing like the other cars for sale out there have not proven themselves. Whether fresh restos where you have to work the kinks out, to around town drivers that would not make it a couple of days on the road in a row…

2- The body is insane. Look at the underside. To find a Mustang like this, even a California real Black Plate Car like this… that has such a great up cut up, unrepaired, the original unmolested body is impossible to find almost. Look closely in the trunk, never touched or repaired….. look that closely at other ones… Look underside.. look at all the original spot weld divets and clean crisp edges.. then look at others…

This drop-top is in fantastic shape! Hop in, grab a few friends, and go for a cruise down Pacific Coast Highway! Cherry red paint, fresh carpets, and a clean red and white interior are just a few of the perks. Matching red steel wheels with factory hubcaps and white wall tires in great condition adds style.
The engine starts right up, runs great, and the transmission shifts correctly as it should. It tracks in a nice straight line right down the highway. Brakes stop quickly and quietly just like they are supposed to. Steering is very tight and it handles great cruising down the road.

From what I can gather the car was mostly completely restored about 10 years or so before I got it, and I am guessing they put about 10,000 miles on it. Then I bought it for my tours about 2 years ago and used it for 2 seasons putting about 15,000 miles on it more, and keeping the car maintained to a high degree. I am told the engine and trans were rebuilt also before I bought it, and that all makes sense. The car was originally a 6 cylinder then was completely converted with the 5 lugs front and rear axles/spindles that the V8s came with. I didn’t care because I was buying it to drive and enjoy, not use at a high level of show. Plus with all the work they had done on the restoration, it made and makes sense. Many V8s out there started as 6 cylinders.

#Custom water sprayer cooling system added= push button and water sprays on the radiator from a tank = cars can not overheat in traffic ever in the summertime!

Small Block Ford 289 V8 Engine
engine sounds great
New aluminum radiator,
#Custom water sprayer cooling system added= push button and water sprays on the radiator from a tank = cars can not overheat in traffic ever in the summertime!
3 Speed stock Automatic Transmission
Dual Exhaust with a crossover pipe, with a nice quiet tone for cruising
Electonic Petronix Ignition in Distributor
Rear Wheel Drive
5 lugs front and rear.
About a 3.00 rear end ratio.
Newer modern front disc power brakes.
Wheel cylinders and rear brakes have been replaced last year.
Parking brake works.
We have replaced the gas tank filler hose in the trunk that leaks on these cars.
Highly maintained for cross country tours. Ride Free Classic Car and Motorcycle Tours.

This is a driver quality interior. This car is for driving and fun, not show. There are probably some imperfections when you look close,
and I would even say some very little tears starting in a place or so. I say this because I want you to be happy when you get the car. But the interior really looks good, just not perfect.
Gas Gauge Works, turn signal work. Temp Gauge Works. Horn works.
Factory gauges all in work and function as expected.
Good red front and rear seats with matching red and white interior trim
Interior lights, cigarette lighter, etc all in working order.
Factory AM radio still there for looks, with a Modern Radio and CD player in the glove box.
Window cranks, door handles, vent window latches all function properly.
Front seats slide forward and back as supposed to.

Red paint has a good shine.
# This is a driver quality car. Mechanically it is in great shape.
Cosmetically it is a good looking driver. Look at the pictures closely.
The body looks pretty straight looking down it, actually straight as a nice driver.
Now I am going to pick apart the paint. It looks great, but on close inspection: see pictures
The paint is older, and in a few spots shows it’s wear. In many spots, it looks great, but there are some chips, etc..
The worse spots would be on the front of the driver fender towards the front there is some cracking in the paint for some reason, and on top of the driver’s door towards the front and around the radio antenna the paint is a little faded and not quite right. Like it was spotted in there a long time ago.
Good looking white top.
Headlights, tail lights, and blinkers all function
Hubcaps look Great
Windows and Windshield glass are in good condition.
Grates and Grills are in good shape
Doors and hinges all work smoothly and solidly
Chrome bumpers look good.
New tires as of recent.

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible Pictures

Mustang Top Shots

Power Brake Booster with dual reservoir brake master and fan should have been all added since these pictures

TRUNK – factory seam sealer, unrusted or repaired, incredible

UNDERSIDE – incredible unrepaired and unmolested, not many like this left
Front Disc Brakes have been added since these pictures