1965 Ford Mustang Coupe For Sale

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1965 Ford Mustang Coupe Details

This is a beautiful Honey Gold Mustang with a rebuilt 289ci V8 with 200 hp. The factory 2bbl carb has been replaced with a 4bbl to feed more air into this C-code motor. Bolted to the back is a Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission that has been rebuilt as well. These both have about 15k miles since the rebuild, complete with receipts. The engine cranks right up and idles smooth. It acceleretes quickly and the exhaust sounds great. The transmission shifts firmly, with no hesitation. The drum brakes bring the car to a stop without any shakes or squeals. The power steering is tight and responsive. We also have a stack of receipts for new and rebuilt parts for this car.

This car has had a professional repaint in the original Honey Gold Metallic paint, and it looks great. It isn’t show car quality, but makes for a great looking driver. It is a fresh looking driver paint job, so there are a couple of minor nicks and scratches in the finish, but it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the car. It is still very glossy and smooth. The body panels all line up nicely, with proper gaps between them. This is an all metal car that has never seen any rust. There is also no body filler anywhere on the car. The fender lips are all solid and smooth on the inside. Under the rocker panels is still very solid and never had to be replaced. The doors open and close like they should, and latch correctly. The hood and the trunk lid both go up and down and latch smoothly. All of the headlights, brakelights, and other exterior lights on this car light up as they should. The underside on this car is all original and still looks great. It is a little dirty, but thats what happens when you drive a car. It is very solid and completely original.

The inside of the car is very nice. It was reupholstered when the rest of the car was completed, so it is fairly new. The carpet is in great shape. The Ivy Gold vinyl seats are also in good condition. There are a couple of small tears in the bottom of the drivers seat though. The springs in the seats are still firm as if they were new. The dash looks great and all of the gauges are present. All of the knobs are in place and working right. The AM radio still even works. All of the interior lights work. All four windows roll up and down easily with no catches. The heat still works great and will keep you toasty in the winter. The automatic shifter is surrounded by the rare shifter console option. It also has an aftermarket console/armrest with drinkholders that can be easily removed. All of the glass on this car is in great shape with no chips or dings. The headliner looks like new. Even the trunk on this car looks like it just came from the factory. It has the factory spare tire and jack kit. It has had all of the plaid trunk liner replaced and looks great.

Overall, this car is a spectacular example of a driver Mustang. It has been refinished back to factory specifications. The VIN number and door dataplate have been decoded and everything matches up as it should. It is extremely reliable and looks great. It has even won a couple of small trophies at some local shows because of how original it is. This car would be a great purchase for someone who wants a nice classic Mustang that they can drive whenever they feel like.