1965 Dodge Dart 270 For Sale

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1965 Dodge Dart 270 Details

New interior carpet and clean stock bench seats
Door panels in great condition
Dash has no cracks or fading
All gauges work as expected
All seat belts in good shape
Interior lights all work
Handles and cranks in good shape
Windows go up and down easily and smoothly

Recently repainted light blue metallic
Original Hubcaps on steel rims
New Tires
Brakes recently redone
Headlights, blinkers, brake lights all work
Grill and exterior chrome in good condition, no pitting or large dents
Wipers Work

225 Slant Six Engine
Automatic transmission
New Radiator, brakes and tires.
12 Volt with electric windshield wipers
New Battery
Unassisted drum brakes
All locks, cranks, switches and latches work
Chrome valve cover and air filter dress up the engine bay

1965 Dodge Dart two door with straight body and very recent light metallic blue paint.

The body is all original steel and not full of bondo. This is the more desirable two door version and a great cruiser with it’s bullet proof 225 slant six.

This is a great running car, the paint job has been done well by the owner who is a professional painter and body man. The car has a very solid body that has not been all patched up, or filled up with bondo. It has a very honest body without rust.

The 225 slant six fires right up and runs well. It pulls well and does not smoke or make any strange noises. It has been gone through and tuned up with a new battery, new fuel pump and filter, a new radiator and chrome air filter and valve cover.

The automatic transmission on this car shifts easily and smoothly into all gears. Nice and smooth shifting makes it drive much more like a modern car rather than one almost fifty years old. It pulls smoothly away from a stop and holds each gear as you would expect whether you’re cruising around down or effortlessly down the freeway.

The thirteen inch tires have also been replaced and are near new.
The doors both open and close nice and solid with the weatherstripping making a nice tight seal. The door lock works with the key, so you can lock it up securely. The doors do close soundly, and can lock from the inside. All four windows roll up and down well.

All the lights work on the exterior, headlights are bright, brake lights and blinkers all work as expected. The speedometer and turn signals work correctly and all the gauges and interior lights function properly.

The steering is nice and tight, and takes no effort to keep it going straight down the uneven road.

When you need to do a panic stop, 4 wheel unassisted drum brakes bring you to a quick straight halt. They have been recently overhauled and adjusted well so they wont pull to one side or the other.

The interior is nice and clean with the bench seats, door panels and headliner in great shape. The carpet is new and is color matched and appears factory fresh. A nice, clean dash with original gauges is framed by the original color matched steering wheel. The interior trim and emblems are in great shape.

AM/FM radio works well and comes in clear.

As you walk up to this 1965 Dodge dart the first thing to catch your eye is the recent, very nice driver quality metallic blue paint. The body is very straight with no large dents or waves in any of the original panels. New tires and original hubcaps add to the fresh clean look of the car. All the panels line up well with even gaps. The chrome trim is bright and nearly blemish free. All the trim, the grill and lights are in equally great shape. Walk up to the driver’s door and pop it open, you’ll notice the interior is just as fresh as the exterior. The front and rear bench seats mirror the blue paint in hue and quality. The carpet has been replaced and is the same weave and color as the original. The stock lap belts buckle securely and are not frayed or stained. Take a seat and gaze up at the headliner, you’ll notice it is still tight and fresh with no tears or sagging sections. Wind down all four windows and notice how smoothly they all operate while you easily spin the hand cranks. Put the key in the ignition, your foot on the brake and give the keys a twist. The 225 slant six spins to life instantly and settles into a smooth, quiet idle. A new radiator and fresh tuneup means it will keep running cool and reliable for miles to come. Move the column shift into drive and notice how the transmission slides right into gear, without any wrong noises or jerks. Grab the wheel and feel how comfortably everything feels. Peer through the wheel toward the dash and you’ll also notice all the original gauges function and light up as they should. Press the gas pedal and you’ll pull away effortlessly, the engine is running great and you’re cruising off to wherever you’d like to go. Tap the brakes and you’ll notice how well the new brakes bring you right down to a halt without pulling to one side or the other. A recent alignment and new tires aid in keeping the car tracking nice and straight down the road. As you pull back in to the lot and get out you’ll fully realize what a solid car this is. Take a look back and notice what a complete package it is, needing nothing but a new owner.

Check out the pictures of this Dart. This is a great looking, solid, weekend cruiser or daily driver. There is normal wear and tear like any well enjoyed vehicle, but this car has plenty of fun miles left on it.
If you are in the market for a nice, clean daily driver that will turn heads then this is the one for you!