1964 Chevrolet Impala SS For Sale

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1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Details

Here we have a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, complete, frame off, rotisserie restoration. The work was completed in 2009 and the car has been driven less than 1000 miles since. This is a very solid car that is really fun to drive. This Impala is in great running and mechanical condition and it is ready to be enjoyed just the way it is. Although this is not a numbers matching car, it has been confirmed via the VIN number that this is a real 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS V8 model.

After the body was removed from the frame, a complete teardown revealed a few panels that were beyond repair and would need to be replaced. The car now has new front fenders, new fender wells, a new hood, a new windshield, and a new trunk floor pan. Also replaced are all the emblems and chrome around the car, both front and rear bumpers, the grill, the taillights, and new weather stripping all around. All other body panels are original and in great rust free condition.

The exterior was painted with a modern metallic Spectra Blue. The paint was applied professionally, however, it is not a perfect high end or laser straight paint job. The chassis after being sandblasted was painted in metallic Silver. The rims have been sandblasted and painted silver as well, along with new beauty rings and center caps.

The engine equipped is a re-built 350, bored .030, and utilizing all-new engine parts. With a mild CAM, this motor has plenty of power. A new Holley Carburetor has been fitted, as well as a new starter, a new alternator, a new water pump, new spark plugs and wires, a new distributor, and all new hoses. The exhaust sounds great using custom made 2 1/2 inch piping from the headers back with dual Flowmaster mufflers and exiting through new chrome-tipped pipes. Power from the engine is delivered to a Muncie 4 Speed manual transmission.

Many new chassis parts have been added and include, new brake lines, new front disc brake conversion, a new fuel tank, new ball joints, new tie rod ends and drag link bar, new body mount bushings, and new shocks. The rear end is all original, sandblasted, and painted to match the chassis and suspension.

As we walk around the outside of the car you will notice all the panels line up great, and the gaps are all even. The finish is good, however, it is not perfect. There are some minor blemishes expected with any used car that is driven. All the chrome around the car is in great condition, it would take little effort to get this car looking perfect.

The interior has been restored keeping this very simple and close to the original. The only parts that are not original style are a new Grant steering wheel, Hurst shifter, and a JVC head-unit. The seats and door panels have been reupholstered, as well as new carpeting throughout. The original dash has been repainted and the original instrument cluster is in great shape and all working correctly. The headlights, taillights, and turn signals are in great shape and work perfectly.
The engine runs great. It starts up easily, right away. There is no smoking or funny noises. The transmission shifts great, it feels very solid shifting through gears and stays in gear without any trouble or whining noises. The tires are in good shape, with maybe less than 1000 miles. The doors and trunk lock with the key, as well as the ignition.

Driving this car is a breeze, the motor has plenty of power, yet it accelerates smoothly and the shifts are crisp. The clutch grips great and feels like new. The steering, considering it is manual, is not too stiff. The car corners easily and confidently, the car feels solid and connected with the road at any speed. The car tracks straight and does not pull to either side even under hard braking.

VIN # – 41447 A 163209
The first 4 is the year the vehicle was built, 1964. The second two numbers 14 means this is an Impala SS V8, 47 means this is a 2 door sports coupe.

The body tag also has the model numbers 64-1447, which also translates to a 1964 Impala SS V8 2 door sports coupe.
The Trim numbers are 815, meaning this interior is the SS interior with all black vinyl and SS bucket seats.
The original paint code was 954, which is an Ermine White/Meadow Green Metallic color combo.

The rest of the numbers all correlate to the actual assembly of this car at the Atlanta Georgia plant along with numbers as the serial/sequence numbers.

The Body/Trim tag and the VIN tag are pictured below at the bottom of all of our pictures.

We do not think the transmission is original, however, it should be noted that the serial numbers on the transmission and bell housing are consistent with the numbers found on the Muncie M20 Wide Ratio 4-speed transmission that is found in 1964 Impala SS’s.

After having the car for another week now I would like to clear some things up, I want to go over this car in more detail. Please note that we did not build this car, we are selling it for a friend who did build it. I have $51,000 in receipts on the car, check out the photos at the very bottom. These receipts probably do not include everything, but most of it. For the rebuilt engine, trim, interior, paint, etc,…

There are a few things on the car that were not done, that should have been completed on a true “frame off” restoration. The front bushings were not replaced, although it can still be driven. The body area behind the rear bumper was not finished as nice as it should be. Look at the photos with the trunk open and you can see how it is not smooth at the seems. The finish on the paint is not as high quality and laser straight as you would think from the pictures. Though most people that see it in person think it looks nice. It is a driver quality, not a high-end job. The driver’s door hinges should be replaced. The passenger hinges are acceptable, but you could replace them at the same time. The passenger rear window needs a new crank handle on it, it still rolls up and down, the handle is just loose. The car needs a new heater/fan/control box ( the one on the dash with the 3 levers, it is missing one lever for the fan switch. etc ). Some minor adjusting here and there on the car. Missing the ashtray in the dash. I believe that it needs a turn signal switch because the brake lights come on, sometimes with the key, and stay on without pressing the brake. This is usually the turn signal switch. The little steering wheel on the car is too close, without a spacer, to the turn signal switch so when you do a left turn your hand hits the turn signal switch. This probably has damaged the switch.

The underside is very solid, the frame, the pans, etc, etc… There is only one 1 inch by 1-inch spot on one of the minor floor braces where there the metal is a little thin, with some tiny pin holes in it.

I want to be honest and give you all I know on the car. Basically, a lot of money has been invested, but quickly put together. A good car for a driver can be had with only some minor work here and there to get it ready for daily driver duties. It can also easily be taken to the next level after investing some time to take care of everything it needs.

I apologize for not stating these facts earlier, we are selling this car on consignment which we do not do often. Normally we go through the cars completely, checking every nut and bolt before we list the cars.