1953 Front End Dragster For Sale

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1953 Front End Dragster Details

1950s Vintage Front Engine FED Rail Dragster

If you’re into the Nostalgia Drags this is the one. Don’t let this chance to own a piece of drag racing history pass you by. We have been told the car was probably built by Mike Sforza, a Drag Racing Hall of Famer, but we are still working to confirm this. This 1950s dragster was found behind a gas station in North Caroline, and the restoration began. We acquired the rail intact and continued the project here at Sakowski Motors. The Dragster has a rebuilt 1956 Hemi casting numbers NE5625955, with an old patent-pending mechanical Hilborn injection on top. To complete the drive train it has a 39 Packard manual trans and a narrowed 55 Oldsmobile rear end. A set of custom early drag style headers were fabricated and fitted. The rail was displayed in the Suede Palace at the Grand National Roadster Show 2008 right next to Gene Winfield’s salt flat roadster. The original lettering is on the side panels, it was a Herbert roller cam sponsored car. The details of the car’s history are still being discovered and confirmed. Don’t let this historical piece pass you by. Call Sakowski Motors at 310-978-9558 for more details.

This car was built when dragsters were first being figured out. Before they were all the same when they were built with whatever parts were laying around, or could be found. While people were still figuring out what worked and what didn’t. We think this car was an early 50’s car as original, then it was changed throughout time with a 55 rear and a 56 motor in the mid 50’s.

We have the original front rails and axle for the car, they go with the car. They were replaced because the car was wrecked and they were kinked. They are pretty beat up, rusty, and worn out, but could be put back on for show purposes only.

Not many of these cars exist now. They were all death traps, so most of the early cars were all wrecked and/or scrapped. And there were not really that many of them in the first place.