1952 USAF Belly Tank Lakester SCTA Aluminum For Sale

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1952 USAF Belly Tank Lakester SCTA Aluminum Details

This once was a product of the US Air force F86 and a 1952 Buick Roadmaster, converted into a salt flat racer by Scott Howey in honor of his father, Roger Howey, who was chasing land speed records out at Bonneville back in the 40’s. Roger’s son Scott, and grandson Chad, took it upon themselves to fulfill Roger’s dream of going 200mph. The car was finished and racing for land speed records out on the same salt that Roger had been running his car on back in the day. Parts from this car, like the front axle, were on Roger’s car, and have a long history on the salt.When I bought this car from Lattin & Gillette it was in pieces. I got it cosmetically back together and took it to the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, and finally, we have it running again as of 12/17/09.I would like to sell this car outright. I have put it up before looking for sponsors, and have met and found some great people wanting to go in on it. But, I have too many irons in the fire and need to very reluctantly pass the dream to someone else. It is just not right for this car to be sitting around my shop collecting dust waiting on me.We polished the tank when we got it. I just had to have a shiny tank. The picture on the tow truck is how it looks now.It runs a supercharged straight 8 Buick engine, the turbo can be removed to run in a different class if you choose to.The car ran 175.041 miles per hour without the turbo. The turbo had never been “figured out”, which leaves a whole lot of room. Possibly the 210mph mark, which would blow out a new record.12/17/09 This Lakester has not run until today since 2001. It had set 2 land speed records at Bonneville. I have the SCTA Log Book. The car has run as is qualified for the long course at Bonneville. The class is the vintage XO engine class. The body is the BGL = Blown Gas Lakester and BFL = Blown Fuel Lakester Class.RECORDS:XO/BGL 174.041 mph 2001XO/BFL 172.116 mph 2001With the turbo set up, this car has the potential to set another land speed record. The record has since been surpassed, but this car could reclaim it.I would suggest doing some rewelding of the chassis and tightening up before it is run again. It passed tech many times at Bonneville, but I think it should spend some time in the shop before it would pass my personal safety tech.It will need a chute, current fire extinguisher tanks, belts, etc, etc… By no means is this a car ready to race again, but it is getting there.See the 12/17/09 Video of the lakester firing up for the first time in years.