1949 Studebaker 2R C-CAB Custom For Sale

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1949 Studebaker 2R C-CAB Custom Details

This is a real 1949 Studebaker 2R C-Cab pickup that is a true head-turner. It is built by Bobby Green at The old Crow Speed Shop, and it is currently located in Los Angeles, California. The car debuted at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles and has since been in many top classic cars and hot rod magazines.(SHOW AND MAGAZINE PICTURES BELOW)

This is a head-turning PPG Blue 1949 Studebaker C-Cab. It is powered by a 350ci Chevy 4 bolt main V8 with a 700 R4 overdrive automatic transmission. It is equipped with a performance cam, Edelbrock performance intake, and carburetor. The battery is custom mounted under the floor and is charged with a newer GM alternator. Spark for the motor is supplied by a new performance Petronix electronic ignition. This motor is built to be reliable and has no worries of overheating even when towing large loads great distances thanks to a new larger capacity radiator equipped with dual electric fans.

The motor starts right up and runs smoothly, and the transmission shifts correctly with no noise or hesitation. It has just under 1,000 miles since being rebuilt. The exhaust system starts with a chromed, large corvette ram horn manifold flowing smoothly to dual glass packs and dumping out the sides with dual chromed lake pipes. The front suspension has Plymouth Volare Torsion bars, installed professionally into the frame, allowing you to raise or lower the front end. The rear has airbags over leaf springs, which add adjustability for towing or adding rake. The brake system stops the truck quickly using power disc brakes upfront and drum in the rear. Steering is assisted with a fresh power steering system and makes this truck easy enough to drive with just your pinky finger. Power is delivered from the transmission to a Ford 9 inch rear end with a 3.78 gear. With traction bars, extra cross members, and extra boxing that adds strength to the chassis, you will have no problems towing your boat or race car. Equipped with a class 3 tow hitch and wired for trailer lights, this is a true “double duty” vehicle. All the rear chassis work has been done using the knowledge of Logan Davis from Milestone Hotrods. Overall, this truck is very mechanically sound and dependable.

As we walk around the truck there are no signs that the top has been professionally chopped about 2 inches, a gentlemen’s chop utilizing 2 tops finished by Fineline Auto Body. The PPG blue paint looks great and was sprayed by Logan Davis at Milestone Hotrods. Every metallic piece on the outside of this car is freshly re-chromed and along with the paint, make this car look new. The body including fenders and bed are all original, and being a California survivor it is completely free of rust. The tailgate is modified for a smoother and cleaner look, its a newly handmade piece that really makes this truck stand out when viewed from behind, and it attaches to the bed using a new modern latch system.

There are three subtle lines that flow along the tailgate which match the theme of the bumpers, taillights, and truck bed.

The taillights are from a 1930 Dodge, and the bumpers are custom made from 4 bumpers(2 each) from Plymouth’s ranging from 39 to 41. The gas tank is filled underneath a custom gas cap and filler, on the opposite side is a custom recessed antenna hole. Fresh black bed liner will protect the bed and it allows this truck to be used as it was intended from the factory. All of the glass is in great shape and the windows roll down as they should. Vintage Studebaker wheel covers, wrapped in bias ply whitewall rubber are in great shape and really set off the “clean look” of the car. The outside of this truck looks as good in person as it does in the photos below, nothing is being hidden or covered.

The truck has already made a good impression at classic car shows and has already been in magazines such as Rolls & Pleats(#30) and others. Over the next week, a top rodding magazine will come by to take more photos of the truck for an upcoming issue. (MAGAZINE PICTURES BELOW)

The white interior has a classic tuck and roll theme, with a great looking dash from a 1951 Chrysler Crown Imperial which has been slightly modified to fit. The steering wheel has a great classic look and feel to it and is from a 1940 lincoln, attached to a chromed custom made steering column. The seat is on sliders and can be moved forward or back for your comfort. All the gauges work perfectly, except the speedometer which is not hooked up. A new model head unit powers the stereo system and includes a CD player. A dome light from a 60’s Mercedes will light up your interior at night, and custom sun visors will keep the sun out of your eyes. Inside, you are sealed off from the elements with all new seals and rubber, as well as new insulation in the roof, floor, and firewall. Interior lights, all exterior lights, and all dash lights all work perfectly. The windows are power and roll up and down easily when pressing cool vintage style switches. The doors have had the garnish moldings chopped and fit properly alongside the chopped roof, with custom small peep mirrors on the outside. The inside of this car uses a lot of modern technology utilizing the highest quality parts and materials. This truck truly delivers the classic custom look that we love.

The doors, hood, and tailgate close easily and line up perfectly. There is nothing wrong with this car, and nothing needs to be done for you to enjoy it straight out of the parking lot. There is however no heat, air conditioning, or windshield wipers; although they can be added if you desire. These are the sacrifices we must make to achieve such a clean look under the hood. The truck does not come equipped with seat belts, and it does not have the parking brake hooked up, although it is all there and can easily be ready to use.

The car debuted at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show, and has been featured in rolls & pleats magazine(issue 30) as well as many other magazines.

The Studebaker 2R series (1949-1953)

The 2R Series was the most produced Studebaker truck. This all new post-war design was created by Robert Bourke, Raymond Loewy’s styling chief. During its four year run, the 2R styling stayed basically the same with few minor changes. The hood ornament came from the Studebaker Champion car. This cab style is known as the C cab and was manufactured until 1964 for the heavy-duty trucks and until 1959 for the light-duty trucks. Many of these trucks have survived through the years and are commonly seen at Studebaker shows. (From Studetrucks.com)

1949 Studebaker 2R C-CAB Custom Pictures

Just out on News Stands! July 2011 Feature

These Photos were taken at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show.

Thanks to Dave Delux from the magazine Sunday Slacker for the photos. These will soon be featured in an upcoming issue of Sunday Slacker.

This is the feature in issue 30 of Rolls & Pleats magazine. The article is about the showing at the 2008 Grand National Roadster Show. (Truck is in the bottom right)