1948 Chevrolet Pickup 3100 For Sale

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1948 Chevrolet Pickup 3100 Details

1948 Chevy 3100 rare desirable 5 Window Pick up Truck Resto Rod. Absolutely classic exterior with independent front suspension, modern V8 fuel injected engine, modern 700R-4 overdrive transmission, tilt steering column, power steering, electric wipers, modern rear differential, and modern power disc brakes front and rear. The air conditioning has been started on this vehicle. The compressor is mounted on the engine, and the Vintage Air controls are mounted in the center console. The bulkhead connectors are already mounted also. I checked with Vintage Air, and it is about $1000 of parts needed to have all the parts for air conditioning of this vehicle.

A front clip has been put on this truck from a 1990s Chevy. That has given it the independent front suspension with the disc brakes, modern V8 engine, and the power steering that came with it. This has made the truck drive more like a modern car.

The body is real steel and not full of bondo. This is the more rare and much more desirable 5 window option pickup with the cool little windows in the rear corners.

This is a great running truck, the paint job is a fairly fast done driver quality. The truck has a very solid body that has not been all patched up, or filled up with bondo. It has a very honest body.

The modern V8 Chevy small block engine runs well. The fuel injection gives it the reliability of a modern engine. But if you are not into that and want all the joys that come with having an old school carbureted engine, then you can absolutely swap one out if you want.
The 700R4 overdrive transmission on this car shifts easily into all gears. Nice and smooth shifting making it drive much more like a modern car rather than a truck over half a century old. The overdrive works nicely.
The tires are older but all have decent amount of tread on them.
The bed of this truck has a nice coat of urethane on the old wood giving it that look that you only find in the beds of old trucks. The rear allows plenty of storage space for anything you might need to move. Go ahead and throw the surfboards in the back, or even the Christmas tree! This truck can handle it.

The doors both open and close nice and solid with the weatherstripping making a nice tight seal. The door lock works with the key, so you can lock the truck up. The doors do close soundly, and can lock from the inside. The windows both roll up and down well. The truck fires right up quickly in all weather with the fuel injected engine. It sound great. All the lights work on the exterior, and the gauges light up. The brake lights on the rear of the truck, and the third brake light works. The speedometer and turn signals work correctly. When you put the truck in gear, it does right in. No crazy clunks or wrong noises. It drives nicely down a uneven bumpy country road. Nothing like a stock truck. So easy to drive. The steering is nice and tight, and takes no effort to keep it going straight down the uneven road. The independent front suspension just soaks up the bumps. When you pull out onto the highway, the truck just purrs down the freeway in overdrive. It is very comfortable and smooth at highway speeds. If you need to do a panic stop, the 4 wheel power disc brakes brings you to an effortless straight stop.

The glove box is functional and works. The fuse box is new/modern on this truck. It has an aftermarket harness for the fuel injection to computer. Most all the wiring has been replaced in the last number of years. It is not the tightest wiring job under the dash, but it is not the old original wiring either.

This is a great driver truck. It is no where near a show truck, nor is it priced anywhere near a show truck. It is a driver. Just drive it, or bring it up to the next level one day. That is up to you.

The truck interior is nice and clean. A nicely organized dash with modern gauges. The truck also features a modern stereo system so you can listen to your favorite CD or the AM/FM radio. It has been updated with modern electric windshield wipers to allow you to drive safely through rough conditions.

When it comes to safety this vehicle is better than other calls of the same time period. The power disc brakes front and rear give you a better stopping distance than a classic ‘48; and the modern engine with good acceleration, combined with power steering gives you a quick response to any sudden surprises you might encounter on the road. In the event of a crash the vehicle has been fitted with three point seat belts, affording you more protection than the lack of restraints in classic cars. The fuel tank has also been moved out of the driver compartment, giving a little storage area behind the more modern bench seat that has been installed. It is nice not to have all that gasoline in the cab with you.
Check out the pictures of this truck. This is a great looking, solid, daily driver. There is normal wear and tear like any well enjoyed vehicle, but this truck has plenty of fun miles left on it.
If you are in the market for a nice utility daily driver that will turn heads then this is the truck for you!