1946 Ford Sedan 2 Door For Sale

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1946 Ford Sedan 2 Door Details

Here we have a real 1946 Ford sedan. This is an all steel, all original frame and body from Henry Ford. This is a complete running and driving car that is very solid all around.

The Ford is equipped with an early small block chevy motor, which fires up right away, and without any hesitation. The motor runs great, their are no odd noises and no cloud of smoke out the exhaust. Connected to the motor is an original three on the tree transmission which still works great. Power is then delivered to the rear tires thanks to the original rear end that is in great working condition.

This car is a very solid driver car. The car goes right into gear and accelerates smoothly from a stop. It shifts easily into 2nd and 3rd gear and is very comfortable once up to speed. It drives straight and does not pull in any direction. It corners very smoothly and the steering feels very solid without requiring too much force to operate. It is really easy to turn the wheel even with manual steering.

The original juice brakes still work great and have no trouble bringing this car to a stop.

The interior is nearly all original except for newly reupholstered seats. The front seats are very comfortable and the tilt feature works perfectly allowing plenty of room for access to the rear. It has some newer working gauges put in behind the old gauge faces, and the windows roll up and down properly.

It has great oil pressure and does not run hot.

The headlights work, as do the running lights. The turn signals also work on the front and rear of the car.

As we walk around the outside of the car we notice how straight and how solid this car is. All the body panels are very solid, with an excellent patina finish. Check out all of our pictures below and really look closely for yourself. Look at how the body panels line up and look at the gaps around the doors and hood. All the metal pieces are in good shape and all still with a decent shine to them.

The car has fairly new tires with plenty of tread left meaning you can enjoy this car and drive it just the way it is.

We have the correct clear title for this vehicle, which matches the valid numbers on the car as it should.

Check out all of our pictures below as well as video of the car running and driving. The pictures really speak for themselves on this car.