1940 Midget Sprint Car For Sale

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1940 Midget Sprint Car Details

Vintage Midget Sprint car survivor.

This is a well-preserved, good-looking example of a 40’s-era Midget race car. It was originally raced in the ’40’s then rebuilt sometime in the 80’s with the modifications seen here.

Check out the old photo of the car at the racetrack. This car spent it’s original time racing in the midwest.

The engine in this car is a Ford Pinto 4 cylinder. It has a header running to a sidepipe, then an exit out near the rear. It has a vintage “In / Out box” for the transmission.

The steering box is a rare and desirable “Norden” box.

The rear differential is an early V8 Culver City Halibrand Quickchange rear model 201. The most desirable of all the Halibrands.

This is a real, legit vintage race car. There is no title to the car. The car is painted off-white with its number 42 on the rear. The paint looks just like it does in the pictures. It is real dusty, just rolled out of the race shop. There are no headlights or taillights as it is a race car.

The interior of the car is a full custom race interior. There is a bucket seat with a 5-point harness. The steering wheel is backed by a large tachometer, master battery switch, and many other gauges.

The body of this car is straight and is very original.

It used to have a V8 60 motor as seen in old picture. We have a V8 60 motor available if interested.

This race car is push start only.

Vintage Midget sprint car.

1940 Midget Sprint Car