1940 Ford Convertible Deluxe For Sale

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1940 Ford Convertible Deluxe Details

REAL 40 FORD CONVERTIBLE! One of a kind. This is a 1940 real convertible that is channeled and has had this work done to it back in the day, it has not been “modernized” or street rodded. Still the real deal. A piece of history. ONE OF THE ONLY ONES IN THE WORLD that I know of. Your chance to own a one of a kind car, that might be able to be reproduced, but won’t be the real thing. This is the real deal, not a traditional rod copy. The real deal that the whole craze is based on. This car makes a 1932 Ford seem like a cheap generic mass produced Hyundai is comparison. Yeah, I said it, but who can really contest it? 1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible. Well, this is it. The holy grail. Can’t believe I have it, sad that I can’t keep them all. First, let me say that I would love to restore it for whoever buys the car, back to it’s prime when it was running the streets of LA in the 1950’s. It is a whole lot of fun to drive around now. I am going to drive it to lunch tomorrow to the Foster’s ice cream and burger joint where the Beach Boys used to hang out, for our shop lunch. I will add some pictures. I am also going to drive it home tomorrow night, then cruise the PCH beach road in the am with my surfboard. There are some good 10ft waves now. DOCUMENTATION: I have a letter from Bill Victor signed by him, on his stationery stating the car was built in the late 40’s early 50’s. With that said, let me tell you the story. The car came from the garage of Bill Victor where it sat for years and years. Bill Victor started and owned the famed high performance gasket company Victor Gaskets. This is what I have put together about the story on the car: The car was built in the late 40’s / 50’s and roamed the streets. In the 60’s it was taken off the road, taken apart, and primed, the windshield frame was recut to be chopped even more, but luckily was just left cut in the front seat of the car. I decided to just put the car back together and get it running and driving again. Also, when the car was taken apart and primed is when they took out the old firewall and put in the new firewall. Some of the old firewall comes with the car, but it is not in great shape.

I would repair and put it back in myself. You can see where it was modified to accommodate the channeled body. I tacked the windshield frame back into place (you can see where the original frame chop was clearly on the inside and back of the window frame. The vent windows, Carson top, door windows, and side glass etc.. all match the original chop, so I stuck with that. I also didn’t want to alter anything. I feel like this is a piece of history. In the 50’s the car was chopped ( about 4 inches), channeled ( about 5 to 6 inches), nosed, decked, hood sectioned / pancaked, shaved, Carson top made etc.. A 40 Mercury engine was put in with a 1939 gearbox. The engine has: remember this is all the original speed parts, assembled in the day, unmessed with since then! Offenhauser aluminum finned heads, Fenton duel carb aluminum intake with two Stromberg 98 carbs, Harmon Collins duel point distributor with duel coils, headers (brand? or custom made?) I am told that the engine was stroked and anything that could be done at the time was done, but I have not taken the complete engine apart, so I can’t vouch this, but it is most likely true. The torque tube and rear differential is stock I believe. The engine runs well and has good power. The trans shifts and works fine, but it is a little noisy. The rear diff is in good shape. The complete brake system looks like it was replaced in the 60’s when the car was taken off the road. NO EMAILS WILL ME ANSWERED ON THIS CAR, it will be too many to keep up with, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY CALL 310-978-9558.

THE BODY: Great shape. Very very solid. The body panels are very straight and solid. The Bondo on the rear quarter is very very thin. I don’t know why it is there. You can see the inside/backside of that quarter and there is not a ding in it. This is a rare example of real old school metalwork and all the body mods done by the original men who created what we all now enjoy and love. The car was not old school or retro at the time, but modern and cutting edge. Kind of funny to think about.

WHAT I HAVE DONE: We pulled the oil pan and cleaned it out. We also took off the water pumps and rinsed out the engine block. Then I got the engine going. It runs well. Changed the transmission oil, spark plugs,cleaned the trans out. We also put the wiring harness that had been in the car back in. The headlights, running lights, turn signals, and brake lights work. The car starts up and drives well down the street. We also put the fenders back on. I also put on the wide white tires. I have the 60’s tires that came off of it. THE WHEELS ARE THE OLD SCHOOL TANGERINE STILL. NO EMAILS WILL ME ANSWERED ON THIS CAR, it will be too many to keep up with, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY CALL 310-978-9558. The car was tangerine / burnt orange before it was taken apart in the 60’s. The old pictures of it were right before it was taken apart.

WHAT COMES WITH THE CAR: Everything in the pictures, no more, no less. Door windows, Carson top frame which is missing some pieces, front seat, rear seat, window regulators that look like they need some repair (very hard to come by), some small boxes of miscellaneous parts. Look closely at the parts pictures. That is everything. Please don’t ask me about other parts. I don’t have the original gauges or any other part not seen in the pictures.

NO EMAILS WILL ME ANSWERED ON THIS CAR, it will be too many to keep up with, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY CALL 310-978-9558.

HOW MUCH DO I WANT FOR THE CAR? Who can say what this car is really worth? How can you put a price on history and a one of a kind car / survivor? To have what no else has, or can ever have? That is why I am putting it out there. Feel free to call with real offers. No, I am in no hurry to sell this car. I am going to restore the car back to it’s 1950’s glory if it is not sold. This is one of the few cars you can spend a lot of money restoring and still have the car worth more than what you paid for it and what you spent restoring it. I will make a list of all offers, and consider them. Have fun bidding, or/and give me a call.