1935 Ford Coupe 3 Window For Sale

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1935 Ford Coupe 3 Window Details

Let me tell you a little about this great piece of American history. This is a true survivor, barn find, uncovered recently, and almost all original. Original paint is still on the car, you can even see some original pin stripping. A recent rebuild to anything that was needed has brought the car back to life and it is currently running great.

The engine is an all original Ford Flathead V8 with a manual transmission. The carburetor has been rebuilt allowing a smooth and proper fuel/air mixture to reach the combustion chambers. New spark plugs and wires along with the rebuilt distributor ensure a proper spark to all cylinders. The steering in this car feels good without too much effort in its original form. The gas tank has been dipped and resealed to ensure it does not leak, and a new fuel pump has been installed. The radiator has also been dipped and resealed. Starting the car is easy, the new battery cranks the car without hesitation. Overall the car is in good mechanical condition.

As we start the car no smoke comes out of the original exhaust, and no weird noises accompany the rumble of the V8. The car idles smoothly and sounds great whether at idle or higher revs.

When you want to start driving the shifter goes right into gear, and taking off is easy with a tight clutch that does not slip. There are no unwanted noises going through the gears, and once up to speed, the car drives straight. When braking the car does not pull in any direction, and comes to a stop as it should. Overall this is in great mechanical condition and is ready to be driven comfortably.

As we walk around the car lets look closely at the body, you will notice it is all steel, solid, and original, in great condition. Viewing the photos below show you many angles of the exterior of the car, as you can see the body panels are straight. Without any bodywork, the doors close as they should and all the panels line up great. Open the doors and look at the door jambs, garnish moldings, and you will notice everything is in decent shape and very solid. Small amounts of surface rust can be found in the obvious areas. The floors are still thick and in very good condition. The vinyl insert on the top has been replaced and is in great shape and watertight.

The interior is mostly original, except the seats have been reupholstered. It is a simple and classic feel to it and would be a great base for you whether you prefer the classic original look or a modern custom look. Everything is working since the wiring has been replaced with new.

The tires are brand new with new tubes. The wheels are straight and look new, and the car is stopped by original brakes that do their job as intended. The car drives straight and does not pull to either side when braking. While being original, the suspension is all in good working condition and feels as you would expect.

The car even includes the original paper roll down rear window shade, which has become increasingly rare over the years. This is a very solid survivor, it is impressive the way it is, or if you want, it would be an excellent base for anything you have in mind for a car of your dreams.

1935 Ford Coupe 3 Window Pictures


This is a picture of the rear pull down shade for the rear window. A very rare and hard to find piece.

1935 Ford Coupe 3 Window