1934 Ford Pickup For Sale

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1934 Ford Pickup Details

1934 Ford Pickup

Here we have a 1934 real Henry Ford Pickup truck. This complete frame off restoration was completed in recent years replacing, upgrading, or resurfacing every nut, bolt, and panel. Including all original steel except for the rear fenders, rear tailgate panel, and the nose panel below the grille. This is a very solid truck that has been built to perform as well as it looks. We have been told that the motor in this truck is putting out an estimated 425 Horsepower. Although we can not currently confirm this, it is obvious that this truck is no slouch. Despite the high Horsepower numbers, power is delivered very smoothly making this truck easy enough to drive that anyone would enjoy driving it.

Many modifications have been done to this truck beginning with the drive train. Starting with a small block Chevy 350 from a 1998 Camaro, which has been bored .30, and properly balanced including the rods. Compression is currently at 10.5 to 1. ARP bolts and studs all around, lightweight Chromoly pushrods, roller rockers, and flat top Keith Black Hyper Pistons all ensure this motor revs safely all the way up to the rev limiter. High-performance Edelbrock Aluminum Heads with 66cc combustion chambers, along with a mild Lunati cam(480/480 lift) really help to bring the power out of this motor. A Holley strip dominator manifold pairs perfectly with the Holley 780 double pumper carburetor, which is fed with a Holley electric fuel pump. An electronic ignition system using the Chrysler chrome box which is mounted inside the firewall, delivers a more consistent and powerful spark with the help of new performance 8mm spark plug wires. The cooling system has been completely overhauled with a new aluminum water pump and a new Griffin radiator with a 2×1.5 inch core. A transmission cooler is fitted and is important for reliability and longevity by keeping fluid temperatures down on high horse power applications such as this.

The exhaust sounds great and is custom made from 3-inch piping from the headers back. Using dual magnaflow mufflers and performance Jet Hot headers this free flowing exhaust performs as well as it sounds.

Power is transferred from the motor to a rebuilt 2 speed automatic Power Glide transmission. The new hardened TCI shafts can handle up to 2500HP, much more than this truck will likely ever see, and a newly installed scatter shield helps to ensure your safety if the flywheel can not handle the power. A racing 3500 RPM stall converter is installed and really helps to put the power to the wheels as efficiently as possible. Because this truck is so light the high rpm stall converter is barely noticeable, the truck currently drives as easy as any car under normal driving conditions, starting off from a stop with minimal effort and very little RPM’s are needed.


The two gears are plenty for this lightweight truck, the older model Power Glide adds a bit of old school nostalgia and really is more than adequate.

The front brakes have been upgraded to 1952/53 Ford pickup juice brakes, a noticeable upgrade from the stock brakes. Steering is very smooth, precise, and does not require too much effort thanks to a Vega cross steering box, along with all new joints and tie rod ends. The rear end is from a 9inch Ford pickup(unknown year) with the large axle and a 3.73 ratio limited slip differential. Currently there is no emergency brake hooked up, but it can easily be made functional.

The gauges are from a 1953 Ford pickup and really look right at home in this truck, unfortunately, they are 6v and so they do not currently work properly, although they do light up and move properly.

The body is mostly all the original steel, except for the rear fenders, the front panel right below the grille and between the two frame rails, as well as the fixed tailgate panel. The truck bed is a custom-fitted aluminum diamond plating that is raised on the side closest to the cab to make room for the Volkswagen Bus fuel tank sitting tucked neatly beneath the bed. The gas filler comes up through the bed in the corner nearest the driver. The bed has a cloth cover that cleanly covers the bed and secures with Velcro along the edge.

The original battery box is still located under the passenger seat and could be used as a hidden and convenient storage space. The battery is now mounted in the back left corner just under the truck bed. The fuse box is tucked neatly under the driver’s seat, as well as the headlights and starter switch, which sit just below the seat closest to the shifter console. The ignition on the steering column is nonfunctional but can be wired to work. The headlights, taillights, horn, and windshield wiper all work as you would expect.

Two black vinyl bucket seats with two-point racing harnesses help keep you secured to your seat when you are having fun. New carpeting throughout is in excellent condition as well as the brand new headliner. All of the glass on the car is new, and they have been installed using all new weather stripping. New weather stripping on the entire car has been installed as well as new door hardware such as the door latch assembly, and the window regulator and gear. The windows roll up and down properly and have a great weather-tight seal all around them.

The paint on the exterior is a high gloss black that looks great and was professionally applied. The wheels, front axle, rear axle, and rear bumper bar have been powder coated red. The grille, underside of hood, firewall have been painted a similar red to match the red powder coat. Installed are brand new beauty rings and babymoon center caps on the wheels. Also included are a full set of full moon hub cap covers in excellent condition, these add a very smooth ‘Bonneville’ style look to the truck. All of the chrome on the truck is brand new and in great shape. The running boards have been recovered with new rubber, and the hood ornaments have been replaced as well.

The truck starts right up every time without any odd noises or clouds of smoke. The motor needs to warm up a bit before it will idle smoothly, as a result of not having a choke on this carburetor. Taking off from a stop, this truck feels very solid. It has plenty of power for when you need or want it, yet it accelerates smoothly and comfortably. The transmission shifts between its two gears properly, as it should. It is recommended to shift manually if you are going to be pushing the truck harder than normal day to day driving. With a lowered front end stance, and split wishbones this truck has been dialed in to be able to handle higher speeds. The steering is precise and feels very connected to the road even at high speeds. It handles great at any speed and feels effortless going through hard sweeping turns. The brakes work great and have no trouble bringing this truck to a stop, and stopping quickly does not pull the truck in either direction.

Walking around the exterior reveals very few obvious problems or imperfections. There is a small bubble in the paint near the roofline on the back of the cab on the driver’s side, it is about the size of a quarter and is raised off the car only about 1 mm. It is only noticeable up close at the right angle and most people would not notice this even after a close inspection. I try to be as detailed as possible with these listings while being honest. There are always minor blemishes on any used car that has been driven under normal circumstances. The panels are all very straight, proper paint prep work was done ensuring a great finish. The gaps between all the panels are straight and even, everything lines up great and the doors open and shut as they are supposed to. The hood lines up perfectly, and the new latches and hardware ensure it is securely latched.

The tires are older style white walls in great shape with plenty of tread life left.

This truck would make an excellent, reliable, hot rod that anyone would have fun driving. There are very few negative things that can be said about this truck. It is ready to be enjoyed just the way it is. 

This truck has been tested on an eighth-mile drag strip, using 10″ wide white slicks and pump gas(premium, or highest octane available). Here are the numbers we have been given although we do not have a time slip and so we can not confirm them to be completely factual. On average a quarter-mile drag time is about 2 seconds more than a 1000 feet time, therefore a low 12 second quarter mile time seems to be a close estimation for this truck. You can see a photo of the truck below as it sat around the time these times were recorded and equipped with the 10″ white wall slicks.

60 Feet @ 1.80 seconds

330 Feet @ 5.07 seconds

1/8th Mile @ 7.8 seconds – 89 MPH

1000 Feet @ 10.2 seconds – 99 MPH

We have a correct, clear title in hand, with the correct corresponding numbers on the truck.