1932 Pontiac Coupe Tri-Power For Sale

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1932 Pontiac Coupe Tri-Power Details

Just broken in motor, real GTO tri-power engine (389ci V8). Runs great. Muncie 4 speed manual trans. Just rebuilt brakes. Runs great. Real period hot rod from the 60’s. Chopped and channeled. Real deal steel. This is a real period hot rod, no remakes here. The car was taken apart around 1970’s, garaged, and sat since we got her back to life. Ready for you to drive. Feel free to contact us about any work in our shop you would like to do.

Turn the volume up on the computer and listen to the tight motor. The engine sounds great and starts every time. The motor does not smoke or make any funny noises, it is tight. It also has all the power you could want with this old school hot rod. It is really fun to drive down the street, check out the video. It drives pretty solid and straight down the street, and takes off well with the positraction rear end. The transmission shifts great. The clutch operates as it should. This is a really fun car that I look forward to driving the heck out of until it sells. It just begs to be driven hard through all 4 gears, or at least as fast as you dare.

The chop looks great, it seems about 5 inches was cut out, leaving the windshield at 9 1/4 inches in the center and, 9 3/4 on the sides. The Door windows are also 9 1/4, and the rear window is 3 1/2. There is still plenty of headroom inside.

The headlights, brake lights, and running lights work. The turn signals are traditional hand style. All of the gauges light up when the lights are on. The engine has great oil pressure, and the temperature reads right in the middle when warmed up. We do not have the box for the tach to make it work.

The wood inside the doors is in great shape.

The GTO tri-power engine had been rebuilt, and we have just broken it in. We put on new headlamps and tail lights. We also rewired the car. There is a new coil, points, and plugs.

The heater does work!

We replaced the fuel tank and sending unit. There is also a new fuel line and filter, as well as a new fuel pump.

The brakes have been rebuilt. We put a new dual reservoir master cylinder, brake hoses front and rear, a rear brake line, rear wheel cylinders, and rebuilt the front brake calipers

1932 Pontiac Coupe Tri-Power Pictures


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