1932 Ford Roadster Real For Sale

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1932 Ford Roadster Real Details

SAKOWSKI MOTORS PRESENTS:  Real Deal Steel 1932 Traditional Ford Roadster Deuce with ’55 Caddy Motor

This is a real traditional 32 Roadster, all steel, with a 1955 Cadillac engine.  One of the coolest engines you could have in a Deuce.

If you want a real, old school, traditional Deuce roadster, this is it.

Yes.  The body is real.  It is not a brookville or fiberglass.  It is the sure thing.    The body is solid steel.  It is not made out of bondo.  It did have some lower sections replaces and welded in.  Not just filled with bondo.   The finish of the body is a satin black.  It is not an extremely perfect paint job, but a old hot rod style.  This is nice because you can tell around the edges here and there that this is a real car.  Not a fake one.   When you go around the body with a magnet, it is all metal.  No body lines made from bondo, or rusted out areas just bondo’d over.

The 32 grill shell and grill are again, original Ford.  As is the radiator.

The interior is recently redone.  It is in nice shape.  The dash is again, a real Ford steel piece.  It has Stewart warner gauges.

The 1955 Cadillac engine is backed by a traditional 3 speed Ford gearbox, which mates to the 1940 Ford rear differential.   This engine was a powerful engine, 270hp stock with the stock duel carbs and 9 to 1 compression.   This one has 3, 2 barrel Ford/Holley 94 carbs, and a free flowing exhaust, which should put it close to 300 hp.  Not bad for 1955!

The steering is tight.  It has a old dropped axle up front.  The steering box is tight, as is the steering pieces.

The modern upgraded ( just kidding, modern for the time ) 1940’s juice hydraulic brakes work great.

The tires are new.   The wiring is also new.

The parking brake works.  The temperature and oil pressure gauge works.  I just put a new water pump on the car.  It starts right up easily.  The transmission does not jump out of gear, and goes in and out of gear as it should.   The rear end is quiet driving down the road.  The engine sounds great.  The brakes work well.

The steering feels really good on the car, as a hot rod should.  Everything in the drivetrain and suspension felt great while driving the car. This is a solid metal body.

We have the correct clear title, with the corresponding correct numbers located on the car.