1932 Ford Roadster Real For Sale

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1932 Ford Roadster Real Details

This roadster is up for sale. Yes, you are looking at the original Henry Ford paint on the absolutely real 1932 Ford Roadster, with the correct real 1932 Roadster Frame, with the correct matching 1932 Ford title. 

Take a look at the trunk and floor pictures. 

From the current owner: She really is a beauty and to me the finest 32 roadster hot rod I’ve ever seen. I’m very reluctant to sell her. I made a list of the work and details that make her period perfect.

1.   The Stance: The front, a couple leaves off the spring, and the main leaf eyes have been reversed which brought the front down about 2.5 inches.  In the rear 1 leaf removed,  and longer spring shackles.

3. Headlights. An original set of BLC’s with original paint.  Headlight stands from an original 32 ford headlight bar.

4. Front shocks. Restored set of original 32 shocks and dog bones.  Spring perches are original 32.

5. Wheels:  Kelsey Hayes “bent spoke” wires. The fronts are 16″ and the rears are 17″.

6. Tires, The fronts are original Allstate 16″ nos, and the rears are 17″ bf goodrich

7. Hub caps are rare Lyon accessory caps. These were popular with early lakes racers. They make wire wheels look like steel wheels. The fronts are 16″ and were only made for 1935 Fords. The rears are SUPER RARE 17″ Lyon caps. These were only made for 1933-34 fords. I have never seen another set.

8. Steering column drop.  A very old “homemade” aluminum column drop with some very early Stewart Warner jeweled lights and a rare Hadees heater switch.

9. Grill shell. Original grill shell and insert.

10. Original 39 Ford taillights..

11. Original 32 Ford front and rear spreader bars.

12. Windshield.  original windshield and stantions from an old hot rod. A very rare find.

13. Upgraded  wiring.

14. New distributor and new condenser.

The car is  a perfect pre 1950 Hot Rod.

1932 Ford Roadster Real Pictures