1932 Ford Roadster Real (Black with Black interior) For Sale

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1932 Ford Roadster Real (Black with Black interior) Details

Here is a copy a ticket for the 18th GoodGuys Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as a certificate for the winning car in the ‘Traditional HomeBuilt Heaven’ category.

1932 Ford Roadster Real (Black with Black interior) 1932 Ford Roadster Real (Black with Black interior)

Here is our real 1932 all steel Ford Roadster. It has many modifications and upgrades that make this car unique and a very fun car to drive.

This is a real, all Henry Ford steel, 1932 Ford Roadster. It is not a fake kit car such as the fiberglass and fake steel Brookville cars.

As we walk around the car you will notice how great it looks. The paint, although not perfect, looks great, only small blemishes here and there. All the body panels are all steel, they are very straight and in very good condition. There are no signs of any major rust and there are no obvious signs of major body work. The first thing that may get your attention are the headlights, they are real vintage 1924 E&J Headlights, it uses early projector lens technology that really looks unique but also upgrades the performance of the lighting. The next thing you may notice is the modified “Hallock style” windshield, it has a low height and sharp angle to give the car a sleek look. Very popular in the Hot Rod scene of the 40’s and 50’s.

The power plant for this car is a 1953-1956 Buick 322ci Nail Head, built up with Offenhauser speed equipment. A 3 speed top loader transmission from 1939 delivers the power to the 1940’s Banjo rear with 3.78 gears. The brake system has been upgraded to accommodate 1940’s juice brakes, which effortlessly bring this car to a stop. The steering system has been also been modified, and although it is not power steering, it works great and does not require to much effort to drive.

Cranking the motor is very easy, it starts right up without any hesitation. There is no cloud of smoke or any odd noises. The car idles smoothly and it is surprisingly quiet when the exhaust is directed to the mufflers and out the rear, however when you remove the lake pipe covers it sounds like a completely different monster. The 3 speed transmission works without any trouble, it goes right into gear, it shifts as it should and feels nice and solid. The clutch also feels great with plenty of grip left. Driving this car is as much fun as you can have driving a car. The car tracks straight, and does not pull in either directions. It feels composed around corners, and with a low seat height you feel a very good connection with the road. The brakes work great, you will have no worries about this car stopping in time. Overall this car is in great mechanical condition and would be a great running, driving roadster no matter what your plans are for it.

The interior has been kept fairly simple, a 1940 Ford dash continues the smooth lines from the exterior to the interior. A 1937 banjo steering wheel completes the look. We have a couple different options for the seats, a simple bench seat or vintage style bomber seats. Both will be included and they can be switched back and forth in minutes for which ever you feel like at the time. The new seat cushions for the bomber style seats are easily removable so that you can choose either look you prefer.

Underneath the car is in great shape, only small signs of rust on the bottom of the muffler and on couple bolts. Other than that the underside is very solid, check the pictures below and looks closely at all the usual trouble spots.

The battery has been mounted in a new box behind the drivers seat, cleaning up the look of the trunk. Look at the pictures below of the inside of the trunk underneath the side panels. They are solid with no rust and very clean.

Look closely at the pictures below and look at all the lines and look at how well the panels line up. The doors, trunk and hood, open and close effortlessly, and latch securely as they should.

The E&J headlamps were very advanced for their time. They work great and light up the road much better than the stock lights. The taillights have been modified as well and are 1950’s style Pontiac lights, they work great and light up as they should when the brake is pressed. The interior lights illuminating the gauge’s work as they should also.

The oil pressure, volt meter, water temperature work as they should. A gas gauge is mounted in the glove box and works great. The tachometer is a cool, vintage, Stewart Warner gauge, that is not currently hooked up but is in good condition. Also included is a pair of retractable seat belts, they were installed when the car arrived, but they were not mounted as securely as we would like. We will leave them uninstalled for the next owner to decide whether to use them or not.

An electric puller fan on the radiator keeps the water temperature within range. A modern alternator keeps the battery charged to just over 13 volts. Overall the car is very reliable the way it is. It would be a perfect running and driving car to enjoy just the way it is, or for you to ad your own personal custom touches.

Newly modified are the headlights, they have been moved back to be centered with the grill in a position closer to the stock locations. We felt the lights were mounted too far forward, but if you prefer them forward we have no problems moving them back to how they were.

The car has been awarded with a first place finish in the ‘Traditional Home built Heaven’ category at the 18th GoodGuys Lone Star Nationals on October 3rd, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas. The car may have been entered in other events that we are unaware of. Pictured above(at top) are the certificate for the award as well as the ticket showing which show this car was entered in.

This is a real “Standard” bodied Roadster, one of only 568 built by Ford in 1932.

Here is a list of most of the modifications.

Original 1924 E&J headlights

Wide 5 wheels

40 Ford brakes

32 American stamping frame

322 1958 nail head Offy equipped (188 horse) uses pump gas

Hallock style windshield

Original firewall, grill and grill shell

Ford truck steering box

40 Ford rear (3.78)

39 top loader

Original banjo wheel

40 Ford dash

Unsplit wishbones (front & rear)

Super Bell 4″ dropped axle

Reversed eye spring

We have modified the light mounts on this car, moving the lights back since we felt they were too far forward. It can be switched backed easily if you wanted and we still need to tweak the lights to get the angle perfect. The first 18 pictures show the car the way it is currently. The rest of the photos were taken before we modified the lights. Also shown are the two different seat options that come with the car. The bomber style seats have removable cushions that can be removed to show the craftsmanship underneath or left on for comfort. The bench seat can easily and quickly be switched back and forth with the bomber seats to achieve which ever look you desire that day.