1932 Ford Coupe For Sale

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1932 Ford Coupe Details

1961 Giveaway Car. 1932 real Henry Ford steel 5 Window Coupe.   Real deal Henry Ford Steel Body

Read the magazine article. This is a real deal traditional hot rod Ford that was actually a giveaway raffle car at a Car Show in 1961 that was pulled from the chicken coop it sat in all these years to be brought back to life better than before, with only 2,000 miles since build.

Title:  This real 1932 Ford has the correct 1932 Ford Title.  The hot rod has been inspected by the State of Utah, and they have on of their official DMV tags in the door.   Of course, the numbers on the title match the numbers of the DMV door tag.  So, you will have no problem registering the car anywhere.  This is as good as it gets, since a DMV has already inspected the car.  

I can provide pictures of all of this, but only after I have talked to you in person.  

The late owner of this car, had the dream to own a car like this. Earlier in life in 1961 when this car was being raffled off,  there was no way he could have a car like this. But later in life, he was able to buy the give away car, and have it rebuilt even better than before.  They hunted this real 1961 Car Show give away hot rod down, dragged it out of a chicken coupe in 1993 where the winners of the 61 raffle parked it after they won it.  Talk about a barn find survivor with history and a great story.

The article covers all the components of the car well.

This is a really nice car. Built to a professional level. THE COLOR OF THE CAR IN PERSON IS THE DARK PURPLE IN THE PICTURES. The magazine article pics make the car look like it is a light purple, but it is purple as it gets. Also, some of the digital camera pics make the car look like it has a blue in it, it does not. It is purple purple.

The steel body on this real Ford is nice and straight. The paint is also beautiful. You have to remember that this car was done around 10 years ago, but it almost looks like it was just done last year. It really is a quality car. The fenders on the car are fiberglass. The doors open and close well. They also have nice gaps. The hood is a nice hood, and the car looks great with or without it. There are not the usual mass of chips and scratches around the grill, cowl, and fenders where the hood rubs on most of these cars. It is nice and clean.

I would rate this car a very nice driver in finish. It was a show car 2,000 miles ago, and could be brought back to that condition without a massive amount of work if someone wanted to not just look great at any show they go to, but wanted to try to win the show. There is a little minor wear and tear here and there, but this is still a great looking fresh car. I would be happy to pick the car apart for you are very interested.

The underside of the car is really nice. It is as nice as the top side. The work on the underside is professionally done also. The fabrication is nice, and thought out. Not just thrown together.

It is a well thought out and executed car all the way around. Not the typical, “let’s make this work” now that we are in it this far, that you see in so many rods, like the work was an afterthought. Not at all like that, but nicely executed with forethought.

Check out the pictures where we pulled the rear interior out, so you can see how nice the car is finished from the inside out.

I should mention that the rear window does roll down nicely. And, there is a nice drain under the window for any water that makes it past the seal. Then the water goes through a hose to the ground. Under that, there is even a larger water trough to catch any possible drips as extra insurance since the rear window is located over the electronics like the multi cd changer. The battery and cd changer is hiddn behind the easily removeable panel in the trunk. See the pictures of how nice the floor is in the trunk ( where we pulled the trunk interior out ) and the insulation in the trunk, and how nice the inside of the rear quarters are. They are not all banged up with holes driled in them etc = a nice metal not filled with bondo car.

The interior is also in nice shape. All the gauges work, the door locks work, it all just works.

The super cool tight engine and transmission run just like you would expect.
The car really is a pleasure to cruise in, or roll the throttle on and feel the 3 carbs and engine put the power down to the pavement.

It is a very nice comfortable car to drive, for a 32 hot rod. I am 6 foot 230 pounds, and I fit great in the car. When I get behind the wheel I have the feeling like a want to keep driving on a long road trip.