1931 Ford Coupe 5 Window For Sale

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1931 Ford Coupe 5 Window Details

A chance to own a real traditional hot rod coupe. NOT a recreation, but the real thing.

Period traditional hot rod. Just found. Spectacular body, old school interior, SW gauges, the suspension was set up using 40’s Ford parts, closed driveshaft/torque tube, 40’s Ford juice brakes front and rear, there is no motor or transmission but it is already set up for a small block and 39 box, or flathead with radiator inlet/outlet change and 39 box.

I can not stress what a great body this hot rod has. Look at the pics under and around the doors, and all over the car. There is no Bondo in this car, hardly any rust, and it is very straight. Look at the pictures under the fenders and running boards.

We did POR 15 the floorboards and trunk, as well as the rear panel and the top of the running boards.

The firewall was cut up quickly, which is sort of a shame, but it is not rusty and could be repaired or modified to look right. But with how straight the body is, how can you go wrong.

I would not paint this survivor, but just get your drivetrain going in it, rebuilt the brakes, and ride……

32 grill and dash. Again, spectacular all-metal unbelievable body.


I can not stress how well the doors line up and open and close in a spectacular fashion. SEE THE MOVIE.

All the glass rolls up and down well.

What else can I say? The pics speak for themselves.