1930 Ford Model A Coupe 5 Window For Sale

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1930 Ford Model A Coupe 5 Window Details

This is a nice looking, survivor, 1930 Ford Model A Coupe. It is a real, 1930 steel Ford car that is a great running, driving car. It is powered by the original 4 cylinder motor with the original 3-speed manual transmission.

The motor starts right up and runs smoothly, without any smoke or leaks, and it sounds good with no weird noises. And the transmission shifts easily and goes right into each gear. The brake system has been upgraded with a 40’s Ford juice brake system, the hydraulics still work great and bring the car to a stop without hardly any effort. Overall, this car is very mechanically sound and dependable. Check out our videos below, you can watch how effortlessly the motor starts, as well as the car being driven up and down our street.

This is a real steel car. The body panels are all the original steel from the Henry Ford factory. The paint on the car is old but not original, yet still is in good shape with a great patina look to it.

The interior is in good shape as well. The original dash, steering wheel, and gauges are in good shape, and everything works as it should. Only the seat, panels, and headliner have been recovered. The doors line up great and open and close easily. The windows all around the car are in good shape, except for a crack in the windshield. The windows on the doors roll up and down perfectly.

Let me walk around the Model A and tell you a little about it. First of all, everything is original except for the upgraded brakes and upgraded alternator, and the interior vinyl. The body panels all line up great. The hood latches down securely, and the rumble seat lifts up and shuts as it should. Looking closely at the remarkably straight body panels you can see that there has never been any major damage, repair, or Bondo. Everything is very solid. The chrome around the radiator and headlights is in great shape, only the bumpers have lost there shine from road debris and normal driving over the years, yet they are still solid and could easily be restored.

When you get into the car, you notice the seat is very comfortable, and everything feels solid. Turn the key to the on position and press the start button, which has been relocated from the floor to the dash, and the motor fires right up. The original choke and ignition advance work properly. The clutch and brake pedal feel as they should, not too stiff or too spongey. Once you want to get moving, the transmission goes right into gear and the clutch engages with plenty of grip left.

Pulling out does not reveal a cloud of smoke, nor will you see a puddle of fluids where the car had just been. Shifting to second, and then third feels just as it should. The car drives straight and does not pull in either direction. The original suspension does it job as you would expect it too, handling nicely whether driving straight or around the corners. The brakes work great, giving you confidence when you are driving down the road and need to stop quickly.

The headlights and taillights work. There are pictures of the lights illuminated below. The original horn works, and you can hear it in action in a video below. All 5 tires are in great shape, they hold air like they are supposed to and have plenty of tread left. The windshield wiper works perfectly.

Under the hood is very clean. Everything looks as it should and is in good shape. The rubber hoses and pieces do not look brittle and do not have any cracks. All the fluids look good with no signs of cross contamination.

Under the car, you can see it is clean and in good condition. The fenders have no rust under them, and all the panels on the bottom are still very solid. Check out our pictures below for shots underneath the car.

This car is ready to cruise as is and only needs a new owner. This is a great value for a car that can be enjoyed just the way it is.