1930 American Austin Bantam For Sale

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1930 American Austin Bantam Details

This is the first Austin I have had. There are 2 things that surprise me about it.
1 = I am 6 feet tall / 235 pounds, and I fit in it comfortably. A little tight getting in and out, but once in, very nice.
2 = How much fun it is to drive. I think the only thing that gets the same looks is my real 32 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

The big thing about this car is how rust free it is. Simply amazing. There appears to be no bodywork in the whole car and never has been. I believe the paint is original except for the hood and a little some of the rear right corner. The paint is old and cracking as you can see in the pictures, but still has a shine. I don’t know if I would repaint it, or just leave it as is. I would probably leave it as is if it is the original paint, but that is me. When you look under it and in all the knooks and crannies, it is solid metal with nice crisp edges. The fender paint appears to be original, and the edges and underside of the fenders are amazing. The top insert appears to be original. Study the underside pictures. Truly amazing.

The engine fires right up. Nice and easy. Never a question of whether it will start or not. It is so fun to drive. It cruises right down the street, not fast, but a strong 14 horsepower!

This car has a lot of spirit.

The radiator looks to be in great shape. I think it might have been replaced.

I have a decent amount of paperwork that goes with the car. And of course, the correct title, which was last issued in 1965.

The interior is in pretty good shape. See the pictures. It looks like there is a lot of new original material to replace the original seat cloth if one wanted to, but again, I personally would leave it as is for now.

1930 American Austin Bantam Pictures

1930 American Austin Bantam