1926 Ford Phaeton Model T Coupe For Sale

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1926 Ford Phaeton Model T Coupe Details

This hand made one of a kind car and has a lot of handmade fabrications on the car. It has a 1926 model T phaeton title. The car is suitable for driving either on the highway or on the street. As you look over the car notice all the handmade details; high tech horn, custom-built canvas top, which can be quickly removed by unscrewing four bolts, custom 3 link rear suspension. It’s got too many custom touches to list. Just think I can own a car no one else has and few can make. As far as the mechanics of the car it is as solid as they come; Drum brake on the front and rear that work good, it is powered by a 350 Small Block 350 with a Turbo 350 automatic transmission. The car has a hand-built aluminum body with a custom hand made canvas top stretched to fit tight against the frame, but it can be removed, 10 bolt rear end, No hinges made for the doors yet, must enter the car duke boy style. Front and rear tires are Regul sport Challenger with baby mooneyes moon caps with trim rings, it has a custom-built frame that has nice wood flooring with finish. It has a suicide front end, Manuel fill airbags in the rear and shock tower. Electric HEI ignition. There is also a tow hitch on the rear, custom steering wheel, high tech air horn, mooneyes fuel tank. Plus more… This is a turn key driver; it’s got an HEI electronic ignition and drives smooth, the car handles well, the car has a great sound to it. And the brakes work great on this phaeton. The headlights and all other lights work solid, there is no A/C or windows, both sides of the car is open to the elements, the doors can be detached from the car, but can be added to the car with brackets. The body is solid with no dents or paint, just bare metal. Come see the car for you to appreciate the rarity of this car.