1959 Holiday RunAbout 17ft For Sale

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FEATURED IN A Progressive Insurance commercial


1959 Holiday RunAbout 17ft Details

May 11, 2012 UPDATE

Now that the ad campaign has been aired we can talk a little more about it. This is the boat that was used in a recent Progressive Insurance commercial. I’ve posted the link above to give you a chance to see how well this boat runs. 

MARCH 16, 2012 UPDATE:

This boat was just used last week for a national ad campaign you will see on TV a lot.  We can’t disclose who is in the commercial or what it is for until the commercial has come out.  The good news is that is was hooked up and pulled from Burbank down the LA freeways to Long Beach.  Then the engine was given a tune up, carbs cleaned, fresh gas, etc..  Some other odds and ends were also tightened up.   Then the boat was driven around the marina.  See the large pictures below from the shoot.  

#Also click on the picture of the video to hear and watch the engine run!

1959 Holiday RunAbout 17′

For sale is a rare 1959 Holiday RunAbout, with a hull length of 17 feet. These rare boats were made using styling from cars of the era, most noticeable are the large fins out the back. This is a good running and sea worthy boat, that is ready to hit the water. Over 1500 dollars has been invested in the restoration of the old Mercury motor alone. The motor is a 2 stroke, Mercury model 800 with 80HP. The Boat was repainted a few years ago, this wasn’t a high quality laser straight paint job, but a okay job that shows it’s age and wear, but when buffed out it is shiny and looks cool.  There are scuffs and blemishes as you would expect on a boat that is has been used.. The interior has been reupholstered and any mechanical parts or hoses have been replaced that needed it.  The interior on close inspection has wear.

 It has been out in the sun the last couple of years, and while it looks cool and is fun.  There is some cracking on the upholstery. The boat is in great mechanical condition and is a blast to take out on the lake.

Note: the upholstery is more worn than the pictures shown. 

The trailer is in good shape, it isn’t perfect and is showing signs of aging, but it currently works great, with decent tires and plenty of tread left. While it doesn’t look perfect, it gets the job done and will get you to the lake safely.  The trailer was just towed back and forth in March 2012 down the LA Freeways to Long Beach and back for the national commercial it was being used for.  We can not disclose the commercial or who is in it until it airs on TV.  You will see it every time you turn the tv on for a while.

Scroll down to see pictures of this boat close up.

THE HORNS in the pictures above were put on for the commercial.  They do not come with the boat.

We have recently sold a very similar boat to this one. It was a 1959 Redfish Shark that along with our Holiday, were both nearly identical to each other. Holiday may have used the Redfish and entirely copied the design, although I have no way to confirm this. Since they are both so similar, and because there is very little information on any boats built under the Holiday brand, it may be useful for you to browse our for sale ad for the Redfish. I had complied a good amount of information on the Redfish as well as some ad’s and brochures from when the boats were new.