1968 Airstream Globetrotter 20′ For Sale

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1968 Airstream Globetrotter 20′ Details

This is a very nice Trailer, it is 20ft from ball to bumper, which puts the box at about 17ft. The Total dry weight of these trailers from the factory was 2,990lbs and the hitch weight was 370lbs. Pulls nice and straight and smoothly down the highway. The hitch works well and latches smoothly. Brakes are working good, and we just repacked the wheel bearings.

The inside of this thing is very cozy and has plenty of room to move around in. The interior is set up very nicely, with a sofa/bed to the front with a pull out dining table. The Kitchen is located in the center of the trailer, and is equipped with counter space, a sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator. Across from the kitchen is an additional sofa/bed. The bathroom is located at the rear of the trailer, it has a sink, shower, and toilet.

The water system functions great, has no leaks, all faucets work, shower works, and the hot water heater provides instant hot water. The gas system is also leak free, all the burners on the stove top are functional, and the the water heater turns on and off properly. The electrical system works great, charges great, all lights work inside and out. All of the outlets work when the trailer is plugged into to a 110w power source.

The original floor is still in very good shape, and we also have carpet that can be put down as well. There is plenty of storage in this trailer, with cabinets located overhead, under, the counter, and under each sofa. All of the cabinetry is in very good shape, doors open, close and latch properly. Upholstery is original and is in good shape, no holes, tears, or stains. Original curtains still in good condition. There is one small crack on one of the windows but the rest are all solid, and open and close no problem.

The exterior of this trailer is in very good condition. The front door opens, closes, and latches very nicely. The locks work and unlock easily. All the panels are very straight, a few, very small dents, hardly noticeable, but nothing major. The undercarriage is clean. The top is also very clean. The canopy still functions properly, though there are some tears.